Grow Tents

Grow tents, also known as grow rooms, are waterproof, windproof “tents” that can be used indoors or outdoors to protect sensitive plants from plants to tomatoes to cannabis from pests and animals while providing constant growing conditions. These rectangular or square tents are made with light weight, foil lined reflective ceiling, floor, and  walls fitted with venting holes,  held together by strong metal frames that are suitable for hanging lights and fans. Many tents come with fold back flaps so you can look in and monitor the plants without opening one of the sides and changing the temperature and light. When ventilated properly, grow tents control fungal growth and odors.

The best location for your grow tent is a part of your home, outbuilding, or yard that you will not need for other uses in the near future and close to a water source and electrical outlet. You will also want to make sure you plan for drainage so the floor of the tent does not become slippery. Some come with easy to remove trays to dump out the extra water.

The size of the grow tent that you want to purchase will depend on how many and what size plants you are looking to grow. Sizes range from 2’x2’ for just a couple plants to 10’x20’ to grow dozens at once. Some grow tents are designed just for seedlings. The basic formula for figuring out what size tent you need is 2×2 feet for each plant. Some tents have a shelf so you can add plants vertically if the tent is tall enough and draining is adequate. You also need to account for the space that the monitors and lights take up.

Sometimes growers try to convert a closet or a room of their house into a grow room. The problem with this is you have to add ventilation and lights to the closet and line it with reflective materials, eliminating the ability to use the closet. Converting even the smallest room of a house will be even more expensive and will be more difficult to maintain temperature, light, and air flow. Using a grow tent will also help keep energy costs down because the light is contained. Grow tents also provide better protection from pets and children who could get sick if they nibble or certain leaves. Without proper ventilation, a closet converted into a grow room can also explode due to gas build up.

Grow tents are made for every level of gardener and will give everyone professional results. Because they create the ideal environment for plants, the guess work is taken out about if they are getting too much or not enough rain, if it is too hot or too cold outside, or if the plant is getting enough sunlight. This means your plants will grow faster than when left to nature to nurture them. Since climate is not an issue, grow tents allow you to grow your favorite vegetables, herbs, and flowering plants all year. 

Grow tents for outdoors often look like greenhouses, but instead of glass, they are made with thick, clear plastic. They can be temporary or semi-permanent and extend the growing season by three weeks at the beginning and the last crops can ripen before the first frost arrives.

We Carry Grow Tents By Secret Jardin and Gorilla Grow

Because The Indoor Earthworm only carries the highest quality indoor grow products, we carry grow tents by Secret Jardin and Gorilla Grow. Both have their own advantages but come in a variety of sizes with multiple accessories available to enhance your growing experience. Our experienced staff will help you determine what size tent and what accessories you need to grow your plants.

Secret Jardin has been manufacturing grow tents in Belgium for over 10 years. Their grow tents are designed for the type of indoor growing you need, including hydroponics, aquaponics, or permaculture, as well as your needs, including expert, professional, hobby, or propagation. Each tent comes with a warranty of up to two years and comes with FCC, CE, SGS, NFPA, UL, and CSA certifications.

Gorilla Grow tents are made by Grow Strong Industries with California roots running 13 years deep. Tent kits come with all metal poles, extra thick fabric to block light leakage, a one-foot extension kit (a 2-foot extension kit is available for an additional charge), instruction manual, and grow, technical, and customer support for the life of the kit from the Grow Pros at Gorilla Grow headquarters.

The advantages of using grow tents are many as long as you take care to select the best grow tent for your needs. Let the staff at the Indoor Earthworm help you find the best setup for your indoor growing needs.

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